When running tell yourself – positive, emotive statements in the present tense.

This is most probably the most important action we can do to enhance our running ability.

Try a very negative example ‘I feel tired’ ‘I really hate running up hills’ – Only do this once!! You may find that you do say these negative self talk more often than usual, it’s time to stop now.

When running tell yourself – positive, emotive statements; ensure they are in the present tense.

Create your own mantra that you can keep you going when you are feeling great or through the challenging parts of your run or race.

There are a few very important points in this statement:

It must me positive, use positive words like ‘can’ ‘love’ ‘fast’ good’

Use very emotive statements like ‘feel’, ‘energy’, ‘passion’

Keep them in the present tense – leave the past behind and ignore the future.

My favorite mantra that I have used for years uses everything mentioned here:

‘My legs are light and strong and I feel great’

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