Running up a hill ignore the slope and focus the road 2 or 3 meters in front of you

Running hills can either be nightmare or a challenge for us. We might be hanging in there using every bit of our energy left or feeling amazing and pushing ourselves literally flying up the hill.

Either way keeping our eyes on the road 2 or 3 meters in front of us will keep us distracted from the challenge. Each step is really only about a centimetre or two, unless you are running up a ridiculous hill or stairs! Our bodies are doing one step at a time. I fact running up stairs will teach you to focus on running this technique – if you don’t look at each step you will very quickly learn to focus on each step.

Running hills using our minds correctly only makes then less steep and shorter.

So when running up that hill, don’t look at the hill, look 2 or 3 meters in front of you and make running hills easier.

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