Final week before running a marathon or ultra-marathon

The final week before running a marathon or ultra-marathon is critical to calm your mind down.

For many years I used to get so worked up before a major race. I was fit but all the ‘what ifs’ came flooding into my mind. After weeks of training my mind was almost talking itself out of the out for doing my best. This is very common amongst many runners.

There are many techniques to take back control over your thoughts, your mind and your race.

I used this technique to help me get ready for running many marathons and ultra-marathons.

The idea is to it to scare your mind as if you are running the race tomorrow, so by the time the race arrives you have been through all the emotions of excitement ,fear, eagerness and the night before you are calm and relaxed.

Start a week before the race, you would have started to taper, so your bodies energy will be coming back again. It’s now the right time to start focusing on your race.

Imagine you are running your race tomorrow, visualize everything about the start the excitement, live in the moment, the people around you, the smells, create a perfect race, full of excitement you are in front of everyone, hear the people screaming, draw from their energy.

Get so involved that you believe you are actually running. Then start playing out different scenarios, the fears the ‘what ifs’ but always have a solution to the ‘what if’

What if I am feeling awful at 10km in the run?  No problem I will slow down and walk for 20 seconds, calm my heart and breathing down and restart my race.

What if I don’t get my energy drink?  No problem I can easily use a drinks from the tables which I have tried before, just relax and stay focused.

So for the 7 days before your race play out ever scenario you can think of – get it out of your system, then the night before the night before your race visualize something you enjoy completely different – like that perfect golf swing, walking in the mountains, surfing the waves anything outside of running. You should be totally relaxed ma mentally prepared for your race and fall asleep.

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