Train like a runner

Train like a runner: Do the long runs, hills, time trials and rest days.

Eat sensibly, control your weight? up and down. Train in similar conditions to what you will run in. If is hot and you are in a cold climate – run indoors on a treadmill or outside with extra layers of clothes on.

Train like a seasoned runner would, do the right things and your you will start to run easier.

Running is strange and can’t be explained

Running is sometimes very strange and sometimes you just can’t be explained.

You can wake up one morning and have fantastic run or feel awful. Sometimes you can start a race feeling really awful and a half an-hour later feeling amazingly fantastic!!!

So how do we manage these unpredictable moments and how do we get back to feeling awesome during our run.

The sooner you accept the pain when running hard, the easier it becomes

When is comes to racing and pushing ourselves to the limit come a certain amount of discomfort – discomfort pain.  Running hard hurts, our body cries out to slow down and our minds are telling out body to keep going pushing through the pain (discomfort pain).

Learn how to handle pain running shorter faster time trials like hard 5km races or runs. The key to running through the pain threshold is to accept the pain, its not goings to go away.

The sooner you accept it, the easier it becomes.  Running is really a battle in your head and half the battle is won by just accepting the pain and not fighting it.

Understand the difference between real pain and discomfort pain. Real pain can lead to injuries and a danger to your body – these are real warning signs to you to stop. Running discomfort (discomfort pain)  is running through the tough parts of your race without doing damage to your body in anyway whatsoever.

Know the difference!!

Your mind is a very strong weapon use it correctly!!

Running up a hill ignore the slope and focus the road 2 or 3 meters in front of you

Running hills can either be nightmare or a challenge for us. We might be hanging in there using every bit of our energy left or feeling amazing and pushing ourselves literally flying up the hill.

Either way keeping our eyes on the road 2 or 3 meters in front of us will keep us distracted from the challenge. Each step is really only about a centimetre or two, unless you are running up a ridiculous hill or stairs! Our bodies are doing one step at a time. I fact running up stairs will teach you to focus on running this technique – if you don’t look at each step you will very quickly learn to focus on each step.

Running hills using our minds correctly only makes then less steep and shorter.

So when running up that hill, don’t look at the hill, look 2 or 3 meters in front of you and make running hills easier.