Road-running face the oncomming traffic

Running on roads has its dangers and most of the time drivers don't see pedestrians nor runners. As a runner our best defence is to  face the oncoming traffic. Be fully aware of your environment using your ears and eyes, running facing the traffic keeps us alert to any dangers ahead of us. Be ready to move off or jump out of the way should any driver does not see you. Sometimes it's best to look at the drivers eyes to see if they have seen you,especially at intersections. Stay alert and never anticipate what a car may do.


Running facing the traffic is the safest way to run on the road but be very aware that the biggest danger is behind you when a car overtakes another car and in temporary on your side of the road. Your your ears and presence of awareness to keep yourself safe while road-running.


If there is a pavement try run on the pavement, although this poses another danger of cars coming out of driveways. Keep vigilant of concealed driveways and once again use your ears to listen for any dangers.


Road-running is awesome but choose safe traffic free times and routes to really enjoy the pleasure of running on the roads.


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