Published: Jun 19, 2018

Basic Running Style is Important

The basic of running style is only important; like trying to lean slightly forward otherwise keep it natural and relax!!

Published: Jun 19, 2018

Run in the Present

"Run in the Present" ignore how far you have run (past) and still have to run (future); keep running easy: run for the moment.

Published: May 28, 2018

When running on the road, for your own safety, always run facing the oncoming traffic.

Running on roads has its dangers and most of the time drivers don't see pedestrians nor runners. As a runner our best defence is to  face the oncoming traffic. Be fully aware of your environment using your ears and eyes, running facing the traff...

Published: Apr 27, 2018

Try run on soft sand to strengthen your ankles and legs

If you have an opportunity to run on a sandy beach or soft sand use it to strengthen your ankles and legs. If you have been running on a hard firm surface and start running on beach or dune sand, be very careful, as it can put huge pressure on your a...

Published: Apr 13, 2018

Dress to feel like an athlete

Dress to feel like an runner: In our subconscious mind have an image of what a good athlete looks like. Think of what comes to mind when you see a runner flying down a hill; lean, light, power, full of energy, fast. Without even training by just put...

Published: Apr 6, 2018

Tightness of your running shoe laces

When you running a race you want your shoes to fit you perfectly. If shoe laces are too tight or too loose you will soon find yourself stopping to fix your running shoes. So how do we sort out the shoes problem. Very easily by tying your laces once a...

Published: Apr 3, 2018

Running is strange and can't be explained, sometimes you can start running feeling awesome

Running is sometimes very strange and sometimes you just can't be explained. You can wake up one morning and have fantastic run or feel awful. .Sometimes you can start a race feeling really awful and a half an-hour later feeling amazingly fantastic!...

Published: Mar 31, 2018

Running up a hill ignore the slope and focus the road

Running hills can either be nightmare or a challenge for us. We might be hanging in there using every bit of our energy left or feeling amazing and pushing ourselves literally flying up the hill.   Either way keeping our eyes on the road 2 or ...