Eat spinach to give you energy during your run; its amazing how much energy you have the following day after eating spinach.

Spinach does some real magic when it comes to running. Popeye seems to discover the energy benefits before all of us!


Spinach is full of Iron and its Iron we need as runners to create red blood cells to transport oxygen to our muscles when running. But spinage seems to do more that that it seems to give us more energy for the next two or 3 days.


One word of warning on the downside Spinach can make you run to the loo more that usual. We all have different tolerance levels for all food Spinach and our body reacts to each food its own unique way. So the golden rule is to test Spinach and see the reaction positive and negative. If it works both was then reduce the amount until you only see the benefits of the energy of Spinach.


So try eat some spinach and see if you find some of the that amazing energy during your next run or race.

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